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About me

I am a technology-agnostic Full-Stack Developer, with a focus on backend development. My expertise lies in software craftsmanship, architecting large-scale systems, and leading software development, mixed up with a can-do attitude.

With 10+ years of hands-on experience in the software industry, I have worked with established corporations like Visma and high-growth startups like LTK. I have operated at scale, ensuring that the infrastructures can handle tens of millions of users while fostering fast-paced feature development and innovation.

I keep my own nest in order, after all, I used to be a hockey goalkeeper. Quality is my top priority as I believe it enhances long-term productivity. I have contributed to and led initiatives aimed at improving CI/CD practices, implementing good automated testing practices, and fostering a data-driven decision-making culture.

I have excellent organization skills and approach problem-solving with a systematic and iterative mindset. I've led complex feature implementation projects including 30+ people across different teams and departments and managed multi-year cloud migration projects.

I believe that one's attitude and mindset have a significant impact. I challenge myself in all aspects of life, including sports and the workplace. I particularly enjoy those moments when my mind can free itself from distractions, whether it be while riding a horse, surfing, or simply spending time with trusted friends.

I'm an easy person to get along with, and I bring positive energy with me. My goal is to continuously improve every organization I work with, while remaining humble and enhancing my skills.

My recent tech endeavors

  • Backend: .NET Core, Node.js, Go, Microservices
  • Frontend: React, Next.js, Angular, Vue, TypeScript
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MySQL
  • Public Cloud: Azure, AWS, Vercel, Heroku
  • CI/CD/DevOps: GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, Infrastructure as Code
  • Analytics and Data Visualization: Amplitude, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Tableau
  • CMS: Contentful, Sanity

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